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Method: a short overview

How to reduce stress and improve health?

How to organize ongoing innovation? 

How can we organize agility?

Balancing circles

The method presented is inspired by complex ecosystems that maintain sustainability and growth through balancing circles that maintain equilibrium at different system levels. This principle is known in organisations, for instance in financial systems, where it is operationalised in the balance sheet. 


Time is the scarcest resource. However, it is often treated as if there is an infinite supply. And when time constraints are grave,  it is often the individual - not the group - that should find solutions, while effective influence is blocked. 

Energy loss

This is not only immoral and frustrating, it is highly inefficiënt, leading to appointment inflation, multi- tasking, fire-fighting and severe loss of energy levels and burn-out. (The parallels with insolvency can be drawn). The energy loss in an organization can be assessed in one hour with a diagnostic model: The iceberg of frozen energy. 

Time balance

When a large part of the energy in the organization is frozen, time balance contributes significantly to better economic performance, health and social outcomes. That is obvious and scientifically evaluated. The overview below shows the interdependant framework: prerequisites and consequences of time balance.

Time balance is achieved through a supporting structure; the balancing circle diagnose-dialogue-do. This circle can be practiced individualy and in teams and/or organisations. Obviously it is the creativity and action that comes out of dialogue that makes the difference. 


That circle in itself is maintained through consciousness, responsibility and embedded in the governance of the organisation. 

Time balance sheet

The diagnostic tool in the balancing circle is the Taaktuner, the time balance sheet. This online tool provides per user, day and per task insight in time constraints. If out of balance and if applied by professionals, this insight is powerful enough to start (self)dialogue and action. 


  • Interested in a personal pre-scan on your timebalance? Visit the Questionnaire. A two-month free trial of Taaktuner is at your disposal.
  • Interested in more background or do you want to learn more from my practical experience and results? Take a look at the slideshare below (including the iceberg) or contact me at info@maartendewinter.nl.


Maarten de Winter

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